~ Snake Oil ~


What the heck is Snake Oil?!?! Snake Oil is an amazing elixir with seemingly magical powers of healing…


e·lix·ir – /i’liksər/
Noun: A magical or medicinal potion.


Snake Oil was conceived as an easier to use alternative to ''Run from the Cure'' Oil. Snake Oil consists of a very high quality Hemp Seed Oil, and a very pure Amber Cannabis Honey Oil. There is approximately 5.5% THC in Snake Oil, coming from a Full Spectrum Cannabis Extract. This gives a synergistic combination of the healthy Hemp Seed Oil with the healing properties of the Cannabis Oil.


The term ''Snake Oil'' has been known through history as a ''cure all''. Early medicine salesmen used this term as a catch-all for any potion or tincture with little or no medicinal value. Back in the days of the First Transcontinental Railroad being built, Chinese labourers gave a snake oil to Europeans with joint pain. When rubbed on the skin at the painful site, snake oil was claimed to bring relief.


As it’s name implies, Snake Oil is absolutely amazing for almost everything…. It can be used topically for: Cuts, burns, bruises, abrasions, infections, broken bones, etc. and can be used orally (as a tincture) for: Pain relief, mood elevation, appetite stimulation, energy booster, cancer fighter, etc. The only thing you can't do with it, is smoke it.


Does Snake Oil cure Cancer?


When it comes to addressing huge systemic issues such as cancer, it is my belief that it doesn't matter how you get the Cannabinoids into you, it is just important to get a large amount of Cannabinoids into you. Does it work? Yes. I have personal experience knowing people that have completely reversed their cancer with the use of large doses of Cannabis. It hasn't worked for everyone, but it is my belief that the ones that haven't been cured, were too ravaged from the radiation & chemo, or were too concerned about the ''high'' to take enough of this wonderful non-toxic medicine.


It can't be stressed enough: Do not let the concern of being ''High'' interfere with need to get a constant, high level of Cannabinoids into you. Just like any of the pharmaceuticals people are so accustomed to taking, it takes a short time to become accustomed to ingesting high levels of Cannabis. One of the wonderful properties of Snake Oil is that it goes directly to the issue you are trying to address, leaving your head clear so you can function normally through-out your day. When consuming doses large enough to fight cancer, there will be a short time needed to become accustomed to the way your senses are now functioning. Just like other medications, once you have adjusted, you can get on with your day with no issues.


The reason the Cannabis oil works so well (be it the black tar-like goo, or something more pure) is because you are getting a large amount of Cannabinoids into you. It isn't physically possible to ingest enough Cannabis by smoking it, or even ingesting baked goods. Extracts are the only practical way to get enough into the body to do the work. Yes, it will work. With a patient taking this course of treatment, if they are not cured, their quality of life in the final days will be improved dramatically.


Snake Oil has been successfully used on a wide range of patients ranging from a small child with a broken bone, to healing skin lesions that an AIDs patient was told they would die with! There is no end of uses for this versatile product.


If you have watched ''Run from the Cure'', or any of the other YouTube videos you will see that what they are advocating is making a very crude oil using a very crude process. This oil is not only a black tar-like substance that is difficult at best to portion or apply topically, but is also has a very unpleasant taste! The Snake Oil is a beautiful clear light amber oil that is simple and discrete to apply topically, and has a pleasant nutty flavour.


Remember, Cannabis has never killed anyone. If you take too much it may be unpleasant, but you will be fine. Just build up a little slower.